Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, I decided to give Facebook a try and it is much easier and I can only handle one, so I am dropping my blog. Never really got too far into it and so it is farewell to my blog. Catch my updates on Facebook!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Day

Zoey looked so cute in her Easter dress. Thanks to my wonderful Aunt Kathy--she gave it to her.

Sallie, Lemuel (my dad), me and Zoey and the gift that the Easter Bunny brought Zoey;
her very own digital camera.

Here Jon and his brother Matthew gave Danielle and I a Yo-Bang-Poe dance (if any of you saw Amazing Race that may make a little sense to you). It was hilarious!

Jon and Matthew

Zoey and Uncle Mike

Well, Easter was busy just like any other holiday for us. After church we went to my dad's for dinner. The LDS missionaries came over and ate with us which was neat. Sallie and Stevie were also there. My dad did pork, chicken and veggies in a dutch-oven. He also made some delicious homemade biscuits and blueberry dump cake....yummy! After that we went to the Baza's to hang out and watch The Amazing Race. What a day! It was quite a party: Jon's Grandma Baza and Uncle Mike, Jon's parents and then Andrew and Cliff, Matthew and Danielle and Mary Elizabeth.

Easter Activities

Zoey, Granny Shanny and Rainey

Greyson and Zoey hunting for eggs

Avery and Zoey (they are only a couple days apart)
Avery had a "boo-boo" so Zoey needed a Band-Aid too

Zoey and Lilly-as long as we told Zoey that Lily was a baby,
she was delighted to have Lily sit on her lap

The Sutton Girls and Zoey decorating eggs

Every year we have an Easter egg hunt with my mom's side of the family and with my cousins and their kids. It's always a lot of fun. Thanks to my cousins Jen and Ashley for putting it all together. Zoey wasn't quite sure what to do at first but finally got the hang of it when she realized there was candy inside the eggs. I made homemade cupcakes for the event. They looked almost like little Easter eggs. I think the best part is just getting all of the kids together to play. They don't get to see each other too often so it is a lot of fun. Later on Saturday night we went to my mom's to color and decorate eggs. Zoey had never does this before and she had a lot of fun.


on the train

on the slide

on the elephant statue

Zoey absolutely loves to go to the Zoo. We had a season pass last year and ended up renewing it again for this year. She has so much fun there and is always asking about going back.


Zoey didn't want to be left out

Make a wish!

Grandma Baza, Sara, Danielle and Mary

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Mary, she turned 21! We had a great celebration for her. We went to dinner the night before her birthday to Buca di Beppo and then on her birthday evening we all had dinner at The Baza's and some fabulous chocolate cake. As you can see from a few of the pictures, we had to scrounge up a couple of candles so Mary could make a wish! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Kids do a lot of adorable things all of the time which is something that makes having kids so much fun but, unfortunately I don't get a lot of them on camera. I was however able to get this. Zoey was having a time trying to sport my winter was not easy but she was having fun trying. She even was able to wear one of them backwards. Now that takes talent my friends!

DPT or MD....that is the question?

Well, the only thing constant is change. I seem to figure that out more and more everyday. Jon was on track to graduate this year with his Athletic Therapy degree and was going to apply to DPT school (doctoral of physical therapy) to begin in Summer of 2010. Well, things have changed. After much thought, prayer, discussion and research Jon decided he would just go to medical school instead. School has not been an easy road for Jon, but he just continues to find himself more and more. He has so many talents and is so smart (which I give a lot of credit to his father who received his masters in petroleum engineering from Stanford on scholarship!). He plans on being a doctor and working in the Physical Therapy field, or at least in orthapedics or sports medicine. With having his medical degree it will give him a lot more flexibility with treating his patients and also will give him a lot more options. I love my husband so much and I am just thankful that he is not letting anything get in his way. He knows what he wants and is going to get it, even if it takes a few extra years (ha ha). Who knows how long we will be in school, but hey I am along with him every step of the way. Jon's undergraduate major will stay the same but with the additional classes he has to take in Chemistry and Genetics he will end up having a minor in chem when all is said and done. The plan for now is to graduate May 2010, take the MCAT end of May and apply for med school that next month to begin med school in the Fall of 2011. is going to be a journey.